Monday, November 28, 2011

Baking up a Storm - Turtle Cake & Octopie

Henry's Turtle Cake
Jr. Ace of Cakes

With the winds reaching 90 mph on Sunday morning - Storm Force 11 that's like a hurricane...
The rattling of the roof slates made quite a noise most of the night. We woke in the morning to find our chicken coup blew over and part of a stone dike came down. Very annoying damage was found around the hole island with more set backs to the wind turbine. 

So we stayed inside most of the weekend and nothing fights cabin fever like baking!
Henry is a big fan of the American TV Show "Ace of Cakes"
Charm City Cakes -
He had been wanting to try his hand in the kitchen. So we had lots of fun & yum!

Mmmm... Chocolate Turtle

Good to the last bite!

Here is my creation...

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