Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blue Sky? what month is this? and where am I? where are the birds???

not a cloud in the sky... or a bird?

what's this? I see one of each, a Fulmar and a Cloud.

Today was beautiful! a bit nippy as thing go, but not below freezing. Only one Waxwing was seen early this morning at the window, they all have seemed to have taken advantage of the nice weather and the bright moon. Most likely moving on to Shetland to hang out in Lerwick with my Greenfinches. But with their departure I saw new arrivals of a few more Fieldfare and Lapwings. I hope with so many Waxwings still south of Fair Isle to see a few more again before spring. I'm glad to know they didn't go away hungry and fighting the elements. This afternoon not a cloud as I look north. I know most people think Fair Isle's weather is always so bad, but tonight sunset wasn't worth showing because not enough clouds to make it interesting.

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