Sunday, January 16, 2011

Waxwings! I can't stop taking photos!

It's not a classic portrait but, I love this shot for some reason. 

I don't want to be redundant or worse just plane boring, but I can't stop taking Waxwing photos!
 Here are some more I took today.

Punk Birder?

 Honeysuckle, South Lighthouse, House Sparrows and of course a Waxwing

Artsy ain't it?

    inside looking out... 
  outside looking in, Henry looking out.
              I don't know which one I like better?
  Eye can see myself

        and the sunset was even better tonight!  They wont be here forever so enjoy it while you can. Cheers


  1. Hi Tommy, beautiful photos that make me wish i was back on Fair Isle even in mid winter! Hopefully i'll stop by with my group, at the Auld Haa in person in September to say Hello!