Thursday, January 13, 2011

Waxwings return this afternoon and stay till dinner.

 Waxwings feeding till dark - Flash Photo

Today while working on my computer I was once again blessed by more than the usual Starlings, House Sparrows or Rock Doves. Yes the Waxwings showed up at the Auld Haa House just out side my window about 2:30pm. feeding on the apple I set out earlier in the day. Lately apples have been dominated by Starlings and Blackbirds and I am happy to put 4 Waxwings on my Year List. Yesterday, out on Meoness I saw a pale grey wader with dark legs. It was among Turnstone, Redshank, Golden Plover... I'm thinking Grey Plover? That would be new for me! I hope to get a better look. I also think this Waxwing Flash Photo is really cool and is unlike any Waxwing photo I have ever seen. It inspired me to post it today before Darts Club.

Working on my computer this afternoon with friends outside. It would of been funnier if I was on twitter.

View from my work station

I was hoping that with all the Waxwings going south, they would stop by again heading back north.

After all the attention of the photos of the Waxwings and Henry it's nice to see them when ever we can...
but, I have to wonder why they keep showing up here in my garden? I put out 4 half apples in 4 different locations around my garden why do they prefer to eat in front of my window leaving some of the others apples untouched? it's beyond me? but I do know when I go out to eat, I always like to eat by the window.

cheap too!


  1. Hey Tommy there are loads still down south!
    My local flock - varying between 60- 30 are entertaining the locals! I am hoping they stay until the w/e and my friend Pat returns from NZ and can go to take photos!

  2. Total of 6 Waxwings in the garden today! plus 21 Rock Doves... yeah!