Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mending Sails? Well this is something I've never done before. Framstig Tall Ship

The sail ripped coming from Orkney the night before in the strong winds and heavy swell.

The crew of the Framstig came to my studio to play around of golf while the captain tried to find someone in Lerwick to mend the sail on the cell phone? during tall ships? I'm not sure if there is anyone who does that type of work in Shetland? When I showed them my sewing room they asked if I could try and sew it? Well I can try... Moving my sewing machine outside on a windy but sunny day I did my best with the help of others. Lucky I can sew better than they can play golf. The sail was thick and heavy and I only had medium needles. I broke a few but my Juki can sew through almost anything.  The patch isn't pretty, but it will weather the storms ahead. 

in the shadow of the South Lighthouse
just outside my studio.

Framstig - built 1914
I was told rough translation of Framstig means moving forward.

The Framstig has sailed around the world and the sail looks like it.
The sail has been patched many times before and looks like a crazy quilt.
More patches than sail that's all part of the aesthetic. I'm just a small piece of it's history now.

The crew saying good bye while getting ready to sail back to Norway before bad forcast weather.
& we wish them luck!

all patched up.

         photo taken a few days before the rip. North Haven.


  1. Lucky for the Framstig that you were there and how cool is it that you could help them out! I don't comment too often, but I always enjoy reading your posts.


  2. thanks Wilma, cheers yourself. tommy

  3. Looks like when we mend our balloons - just heavier fabric. Good job!

  4. Hey Tommy!

    The sail held all the way back. We even hit a storm on the way, with up to 10 meter high waves and wind up to 45 knots, you did an excellent job on the sail! Once I get the pictures from the trip sorted, I'll send you a few.

    Crew on Framstig