Saturday, March 24, 2012

Norwegian Girls - Birds - Sports Relief - Tidepooling

The Norwegian girls play around... of golf!
 Media students from Norway have been staying at the Auld Haa Guesthouse and have extended their stay to last though the weekend due to heavy fog in Shetland making transport impossible.

A female Siskin

Birds have been on the move... 
I had a Goldcrest in the garden today!  other birds  around the Isle include Wagtails Pied & White,
a Kestrel, Siskins, Chiffchaff, Brambings, Black Redstart, Bean Geese & even a Puffin or 2 off shore.
Greylag, Pink-footed & Bean Geese. a real mixed gaggle!

How does Henry find these things!
Little Cushion Star - Asterina phylactica 
With the very low Spring tides we did some tidepooling of the South Lighthouse.

We found all sorts of things! High lights are... Henry refound 6 of his famous Little Cushion Stars. 
6 Sea Hares, 1 sea slugs Limacia clavigera, 1 Sacoglossa Elyia viridis, a Squat Lobster, Hermit Crabs, 
& a Long Clawed Porcelain Crab! we have only found one other but that was dead and in the stomach contents of a cod we caught last year.

Sea Hare - 2cm
Nudibranchia - Sea Slug  Limacia Clavigera  about 1cm

The UK's most remote Sports Relief runners on Fair Isle.
They ran about a mile up hill, from the Puff Inn to the School/Hall parking lot.
Henry & Deryk set a fast pace! but wisdom of age gave in to youth.

My Lighthouse Art Studio Window

The sun tries to burn off the clouds

Sunset at Fair Isle's South Lighthouse


  1. Such treasures in the tidal pools; excellent macro shots.

  2. Lovely pictures, the girls were cute weren't they and I loved the shots of Henry's finds, he's got a good eye for detail but he probably gets that from being with you. No doubt you've been pointing things out to him since he's been a small tot so he's picked up on it.