Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fair Isle Tick Today! Coot and other birds.

Coot! Rare for Fair Isle. 
It was found yesterday, I didn't hear about it til today... I guess that's better than last year when one was present on the island for 3 weeks and died before anyone told me about it. I'm happy to have seen it with so little about to get a tick is amazing. I was bummed that my battery was dead in my camera so I have used a photo I took of a very approachable and common Coot at Kew Gardens, London.

I recharged my batteries and went out for a walk with it being a lovely day and all. Birds of note: Robins, one in my garden and saw another in Schoolton's.

2 Red-Breasted Merganser - South Harbour

Sheep Rock
Klingers Geo
I flushed a large brown bird from the bottom of Klingers Geo which I guessed was a Woodcock by it's flight, color and shape. I had not seen any lately and thought it odd... it might be worth getting a better look if I could? As I looked around I found these wings from a different bird...

That made me pretty sure my guess was right, but I would of rather found what ate this Woodcock?

On the rocks at the bottom of the cliffs the Guillemots had all gathered claiming nest sites.
To think they have chosen a cliff edge on a remote island as a safe place to raise their young...

I'm nervous leaning over the edge just looking at them with all the Fulmars flying past my head.
The noise is really unbelievable.

The Guillemot is like a Penguin that remembers how to fly

A Sunset to boot!


  1. "The Guillemot is like a Penguin that remembers how to fly" Great quote, Tommy. ;-) Wonderful photos of the cliff nesting birds.


  2. Phenomenal post! Love the photos and commentary.