Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today was much like this!

Today was much like this!

I woke up to snow on the grown? We haven't had snow on the ground since Christmas. It was cold and the wind was really blowing! The Snow was going by more than falling. The birds have a hard time finding food on days like this and I felt really sad for this poor Oystercatcher missing one foot awkwardly hopping around in the wind trying to scratch a living.

In the Summer and Autumn bits of wool blow across the field and tangle and strangle around the feet of waders like this poor Oystercatcher. It seemed to make do as I did see it pull up a worm but this snow sure wasn't helping any. 

I filled my feeders and cleaned the salt off my window and was surprised with two Siskins in my window box, one more than yesterday. About noon the wind stopped and the sun came out? most of the snow melted quite quickly. The afternoon was a pleasant surprise of sunshine.

The Cat Rocks - zoomed view from the Auld Haa

If you need help? The CAT is lying down with it's tail behind it looking right. The ear is the highest point and is today accompanied by a Shag & a Gull with a passing Fulmar. The CAT rocks looks sort of like a Spinx.

With the light snow and wind you can really see the evidence of the hand worked rigs from years long ago. 

What are Ewe two up to?   I think they are eating Lichen that grow on top of the stone walls.

I found this today too. 

I Love Lichen!

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