Monday, March 28, 2011

Trip to mainland Scotland & a little Twitch

I'm back... The past 10 days we have been having fun on the Scottish mainland.
Here are some random photo's

To Start with Henry got to be co-pilot

View from the Northlink Ferry about 5am. The sea was extremely rough between Shetland & Orkney.

Drive by Pheasant...
We rented a car and drove from Aberdeen into the Cairngorms Mountains - Scottish Highlands 

Henry caught a big one! Rainbow Trout!

Our only family photo from the trip

I'm not sure but I guess this is a common Frog? but it seemed very colourful.

Edinburgh Castle

Very Rare on Fair Isle... Common every place else... Blue Tit

Caught in the act... Look they are mating...

I wanted to add this to my heart shapes found in nature collection... was quite working?
 2 Magpie and a Wood Pigeon

Magpies are very rare on Fair Isle - only one record of one bird... April, 1987

I also twitched this bird at the Museum of Scotland
Jimmy Midway Stout's Pechora Pipit... A Fair Isle Bird & First record for Britain from 1925.

Wow! I couldn't beleave it! I was expecting a old dusty rolled skin and was in awe of the beauty of the taxidermy and the pristine care this specimen has been giving over the years. Thank you Museum of Scotland! This bird has so much Fair Isle folklore and legend that it was like coming face to face with the Loch Ness Monster... It does exsist!


  1. Love the last pic, I can just imagine how that must have felt!

  2. I have been checking out a few of your stories and i can state pretty good stuff. I will definitely bookmark your blog