Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Northen Lights - Aurora Borealis... rubbish photo!

Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis
Looking north from my back garden up the road - Taft and the Chapel in silhouette.

Yeah! Finnaly clear night's sky with some northern light! sort of greenish for awhile.
Sorry for the Rubbish photo... couldn't figure out the right time exsposer on my camera?

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  1. Tommy

    The best ploy is to set your camera to bulb setting, put it on a tripod and and use a cable release to keep the shutter open for around 30 - 45 secs ~ f4 or f5.6 depending on the intensity of the Aurora. The pix among those at were taken using this method.

    Some images you see these days have been well and truly over-photoshopped, merged or HDR'd, which presents the viewer who has never seen an Aurora a false impression of what they look life in real life. Some of these creations are however stunning - eg Ivan Hawicks work.

    Oh - I e mailed you 2012 details yesterday...