Friday, March 04, 2011

3 Colour Ringed Twite - Fair Isle

5 of the 7 Twite at my feeder yesterday.

The 7 Twite at my feeder yesterday 3 of them are ringed with metal bands. The 7 Twite arrived at my feeder on Feb. 28th. The 7 have been defending off 3 new Twite today. This morning about 9am. I heard thier calls and then noticed 2 birds with colour rings on the stone dike across pig street near my home. I was having a hard time getting the colours at first but by about 12:30 in the afternoon all 10 were feeding under my feeder with only a few battles over the territory. It was then that I noticed all 3 new bird had rings but 2 of them are ringed the same? White over Metal? The other one with yellow blue - metal, red? no clue yet? let me know if you do? 

Yellow over Blue - Metal over Red

Eventually they all got there chance at the feeder or at least the ground below it.

2 Twite ringed - White over Metal

 That is my excitement for the day. Here are a few photos from yesterday... when it was sunny.
Sweet Sheep! looks like they have a chaperone... or dare I say Sheepherone?

Greylags and a White-Fronted

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