Monday, September 12, 2011

Pallid Harrier & Melodious Warbler bring a little sunshine on rainy day.

This is a rubbish photo I know... but it's the sort of thing that happens on Fair Isle that no one believes...
2 Rosefinch & a Melodious Warbler drive by photo.
I was driving around looking for the Pallid Harrier again in the heavy fog and light rain when I stopped my car because 2 birders in the road were scoping out the Melodious Warbler on the fence line along the roadside. They were just packing up to head back for dinner after having the views they wanted. As I drove slowly down the road there was the Melodious flitting down the fence just ahead of my car. I stuck my pocket camera one handed out the window and snapped this photo while it shared the fence with 2 Rosefinch. I was a bit bummed that the Windchat flew out of frame just before the click, but you can't have everything. though I think it might be dangerous other places...

I love drive by birding!
15 minutes earlier...
Pallid Harrier by foggy Malcolm's Head
I was looking for the Melodious at Schoolton? of course that's when I saw the Pallid Harrier searching & drifting over the isles southern croftlands. Even in the blue grey fog and light rain "simply stunning" sums it up quite nicely. I got into my car to try and relocate the Pallid and that's when I drove into the Melodious sighting. Silly ain't it! Sorry my photos are not even good record shots... but I'm so amazed by this bird, I feel I must share what ever I can.

over the Houll Croft

by the Houll behind Schoolton
So the big Question of the Day? 
How many Pallid Harriers are in Shetland and or the UK. today?

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