Sunday, September 04, 2011

Trip to Shetland & Skeld - August 10th - 15th - Trout!

Shetland Sea Trout!

St. Ninian's Isle & it's Tombola Beach viewed from the plane ride into Shetland from Fair Isle.

What a Star!

We know a Boy and now a Boat with this name.

Fair Isle's Good Shepherd in Lerwick Harbour

Sand Goby

The funniest thing! Henry had caught 2 small fish at once and wanted to have his photo taken. He had stuck out his tongue showing off... when the strong breeze of the sea blew the live fish onto his exposed tongue and face. Click! The photo says the rest. I'm still laughing...

Young Gull
Pony Show at the Walls Agricultural Show

Grindybrecks, Skeld, Shetland

Me, Graham Quarmby & Sarah Q

I caught 2 small Shetland Brown Trout.
catch and released

Henry caught a bigger Shetland Sea Trout!
I was totally gutted but proud and happy for him.

Large Common Cushion Star

Henry caught this Flounder on a fly he tied himself with his new fly tying kit.
A very generous gift from Graham. Thank you again.

& then home again...

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  1. Great trip! The aerial view is magical. Love the photos of the sealife and post-fish lick photo of Harry.