Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Gull and other Birds about yesterday.

Little Gull Hydrocoloes minutus - South Harbour
a small gull... size? a bit smaller than a Tern, note: dark under wing & reddish legs.
I can see the Little Gull in the South Harbour now as I look up from my computer and look out the window. (I guess when I saw one the other day it didn't count because I didn't get a photo and no one else saw it. beleave me now?)
The Sea and wind  is wild out there!!! but I ventured out in the gale for a better view and a record shot. The water looks calm between the waves when zoomed in? but it looks like this below! blown away! It 's hard to hold still to look with my binoculars or take a photo. We have had no plane service since Friday. The
South Harbour - Fair Isle

Even with the salt spray I can see the 4 newly arived Greenfinch.

We have a Jackdaw influx of 24 or more, some other new birds have been seen with the raging south east winds. Great Grey Shrike, Reed Bunting, Stonechat, Snow Buntings, Bramblings, Blackcap. etc. Scaup and Donnock still in Garden. 


Murder of Jackdaw - I am told that the white collar is a Scandinavian trait?

Henry found this Beautiful but dead Water Rail.
Found in the Lower Leogh Garden.
I wonder if it was the cats? or the weather?

forcast calling for a mega bird?

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