Monday, February 28, 2011

White-Fronted Goose? Greenland? and the return of the Twite!

White-Fronted Goose possibility of the Greenland flavor- Flavirostris

Bold black patches?
Luck to get a close photo today in good light... What do you think?

White-Fronted & Pink-Footed

Patches on the other side.

Welcome Back!

Seven Twite returned yesterday sitting on the metal birdfeeder holder and the roof of my house screeching at me while out in the garden. As if to say... we are hungry! where is the feeder! Okay I said and rushed in to to fill it. The wind had blown the niger seed feeder off the hook ages ago and I haven't seen a Twite in my garden since November so I had not replaced it. Soon they were feeding away. I would guess these birds must of been here before? I wonder where they have been?

Homemade Niger Seed Feeder... Made with a lambs bottle, a hot nail to melt holes and barbecue skewers. 


Crocuses in full bloom today! no wind and the 3rd sunny day in a row!

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