Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Exploring Fair Isle with High School Friends.

The Leary's taking in the view of Fair Isle's North Cliffs.

Kelly & Timmy
Both who I've known since Shaker High School in Upstate New York, USA.

Hey! This is to prove to you all... When your friend has a house on the Ocean you should go visit!

The boys... the first swimmers of the year in the Fair Isle Swimming pool - Gunglusund tidepool.

3 men in a tub  -  rub a dub dub.

Henry & Wyatt  -  Fishing in the North Haven

Wyatt's Big Fish!

The mighty fisherman on the North Haven Beach.


Puffin with Sandeels for it's hungry chick nesting in the hole.


Fair Isle Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course
We played a classic round of Scottish Golf... in fog and light misty rain.
We even found a few rare birdies.

Tim with the pin on the signature 6th hole green. Nice tee shot!

"It's not everyone has thier own golf course like Tommy"

Timmy & Tommy together again... watch out!
for our kids... we are getting old.

Zephir - Wyatt - Henry
 We partied late into to the Simmer Dim every night.

Zephir swooped by Great Skua (Bonxie) protecting it's young.
We can see you Bonxie Chick, even if you can't see us. - photo by Zephir

The lucky co-pilot

Fair Isle's Sheep Rock from air on the way to Shetland.

Saw my first Painted Lady Butterfly of the year on Unst.
Well worn and faded and must of traveled quite a ways.

Zephir caught this tidepool fish in Unst, a species Henry and I had never seen before.

We saw and found lots of Wildlife...
birds, fish, rabbits, seals, and huge sea worm?

see more birds & wildlife in previous post...
If it looks like we had fun showing them Fair Isle? you would be under estimating the whole experience!
 It was a blast from the past and "awesome" at every moment. I took a few hundred photos and we did and saw so much it was hard to pick and choose what to share. So many more new memories with old friends.

We miss them already. cheers & love Tommy Liz & Henry
The Leary Family on St. Ninian's Beach, Shetland.


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  1. Hey Tommy - that must have been super cool!
    Glad you have had a chance to see old friends and catch up.
    You have been getting about Shetland too!