Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Wedding & another Beautiful Sunset

Married on Fair Isle Today!

Sailed in from Sweden inspired by Per Holmlov Book
Per & Lisa also were married on Fair Isle a few years ago.

Link to Per Holmlov's book

Magnus & Cathanina Karlsson

We catered the wedding party of 8 people at our Auld Haa Guesthouse.

Champagne plus starters - Crab & Salmon Sushi, Spring Rolls& Saute Chicken Skewers
Main Course - Salmon encrusted in red and green peppercorns with seaseem seeds and panko.
homemade bread and David & Mati's fresh Fair Isle goats cheese.
plus salad and roasted potatoes, turnips, carrots & garlic.

They brought lovely Champagne, Red & White Wine, Port, & a fine dram of Whisky.


the Chocolate Cake!

A lovely evening and a new beginning...

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  1. Good luck in your have a great blog...mixing social themes with nature!
    Saludos camperos.