Thursday, June 02, 2011

Crossbill on the Peanuts? Henry's Huge Eel! Puffin... etc.

Crossbill in the Garden
The bird looked to be a young female Crossbill with only a slight hint of yellow showing on it's back. It spent the day happily eating on my peanut feeder as I cut the grass with my loud and noisy lawn mower. The bird was very obliging as I and other passing birdwatcher could stand a few feet away and take photos. Obviously the crossbill had not yet learned that it should fly away or "duck and cover" when ever a birdwatcher is around

Taste good!

This is a new one on me... Has anyone seen Crossbills eat on a peanut feeder like this?
If you want to see more about Crossbills "Red Yellow & Two Barred" on Fair Isle...

in the shadow of the lighthouse.

Oh Yeah!
Henry caught an EEL!

Eel about 21 inches long in tank with Stickleback. The Eel was let go after Mom saw it.

other photo around the Fair Isle yesterday and the day before...


8 Woodpigeons

Sedge in the hedge

the "Sub" goes down!

and so does the Sun.

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