Monday, June 27, 2011

Lighthouse, Rainbow, Sunsets, Fish and Rare Breeding Bird

Sunset South Lighthouse - Fair Isle - June 26th 2011
This post should of been called "Random Photos from the past few days" But I think I've done that before? 

He is getting bigger every day...

Large lens... not for photographing birds.

Bill & the South Lighthouse Light

I'm beginning to hate sunset photos because they are never as good as the real thing or sometimes they look so good that the look fake.

Sunset Pollock caught by Henry in the North Haven


Five Bearded Rockling - largest one we ever seen.
Shameless FIBO plug

What's That! I Wondered?
It took me a minute... and I did check it for a light coloured eye? wishing it was a North American Rusty Blackbird, one of my dream birds I hope to find someday on Fair Isle. No such luck, but it is still very rare in it's own way as this is one of the two newly fledged Blackbirds. The result of the first time Blackbirds have breed on Fair Isle since 1973. Very cool! I've never seen a blackbird so brown or young before.
Good Luck! and come again.

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