Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Hobby... Chicks & Birds

Lapwing and chick.
 The mother or parent Lapwing has two chicks one running one hiding.

Camouflage is working

The eggs in the Meadow Pipit's nest that Henry found have hatched.

passing oil rig

The Hobby on the Houll.
Nick pointed out this bird that flew over his head this morning just before Fair Isle Nature Club outing at the North Haven. This photo was at a great distance and heavily cropped but you can make out the white face pattern of a Hobby even at a distance. though i did have great views though my binoculars as it flew away.

Canada Goose - South Harbour
The lonely Canada Goose has been hanging out with 2 Greylags...
 but has seemed to have lost them at the moment.

While Barbecuing some bird again tonight we were joined by this Redpoll. 2 were seen at Breakfast an only this one at Dinner? I have no clue where they were at lunch time? 

I don't mind a little Bar-B-Q action

Oil... How about some Lanolin?

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