Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orcas! Killer Whales in the South Harbour!

Seal the Deal for a Meal? - photo detail

full size photo
 5 Killer Whales in the South Harbour Today!

So many people were able to watch as the whales hunt the seal. All the school kids were there on the Football Pitch playing rounders and took a break in the game to witness the natural spectacle. A fine treat for the last day of school! yeah! Photos far better than mine were taken by others and Liz got some video! No one was sure if the seal was eaten or killed in the end? I thought it looked like a training class for the younger whales. The large Bull let the youngsters to try and get on with it? All the same it was a real National Geographic moment... more like 30 minutes or more. What fun to here every one roar every time a fin broke water. I'm pretty sure Henry was the loudest. I'm very happy as I have always wanted to see them hunt seals plus this is the first time I have had my camera with me for a rare Orca photo opportunity.

Training Session? - How to make waves and get a unsuspecting sunning seal off a rock.

Orca! Killer Whales hunt Seal! Fair Isle, Shetland, Scotland, UK. from Liz Musser on Vimeo.

Video by my wife - Liz Musser

The big bull!
I feel really lucky just to see a fin now and again.

and this is what a normal sighting might look like from Fair Isle.

This was awesome!

Simply Stunning!
Good bye. Please come again soon!


  1. WOW! What a magical sight you had...Thanks for sharing..
    Best Wishes from Sunny Sussex

  2. Amazing just popped over from AJ's blog boy you are so lucky to see this beautiful sight so jealous lol
    Jacki xx

  3. What a wonderful spectacle that must have been. The schoolkids are priviliged to see such a sight.

  4. I wonder has this fantastic film and still pictures been forwarded to Andy Foote?

  5. Popped across from Aj's blog. You guys were so lucky to see these magnificent creatures up close like that.
    We have them around us on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada but usually only see their fins as they surface. Only once have I seen them closer.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Its simply great and not at all any thing can be better than this for a nature and art lover.