Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Auld Haafinch - Hawfinch

Auld Haafinch
This bird has been in the garden for 3 days now and it's got a good chance of being bird of the week if this weather doesn't lift soon. All the mopping bird watchers who haven't seen much reside themselves with views of this obliging bird out in the open for all to see. Most birdwatchers say they are lucky to see part of one hidden by leaves in the tree top of a woods so it is a real treat. Even though it's smaller the Hawfinch does not seem to be afraid of the Starlings or the Chickens often defending quite well it's patch of birdseed I have spread on the lawn and under the feeders.

Tufted Duck on the pond at Field today

White Winged Feral Pigeon has been around a while and has made Fair Isle it's new home...
Confusing some birdwatchers when in flight with white wing flashes.
it has racing pigeon rings on it's legs, I hope it doesn't breed with the wild Rock Doves?

Ha Haafinch

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