Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lanceolated Warbler - Locustella lanceolata - but everyone called her Lancy

Lanceolated Warber -  A Fair Isle Speciality

Special but never easy...

like a mouse in a hay stack?
This is what looking for a Locusella Warbler is like... oh, the hay hasn't been cut or stacked yet either.
plus everyone is on pins and needles.

Lancy 2008
Mouse with wings?

Lanceolated & Pallas's Grasshopper Warblers run though the tall grass and ditches like a small rodent. Very mouse like making them very difficult to see or photograph, the ditches were pretty full of water and I beleave it makes them a tiny bit easier to find in these conditions.

Don & Heather - happy to be viewing such a rare bird.

The Obs staff finds another rare Bird! but this guy works in the kitchen? Found the Lancy on the Field Croft.
To be fair he is a very keen birdwatcher and it was his day off. congrats! and thank you!

Lancy 2011
Amazingly the next day this poor Lancy was found dead at Pund.

Lancy 2010
  Other Birds About the Isle? not that many really...

Lapland Bunting Fluffed.


Lapland Bunting in the Sheep's Cru

Blyth's Reed Warbler in the FIBO ringing room
professional hand modeling by Dr. Will Miles

Just a "Small" gift before you go...

Shetland Wildlife Tour Group had another successful trip!

Surf Birds Trip Report

Cheers Shetland Wildlife, see you again next spring.

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