Saturday, October 22, 2011

Greater Scaup Garden Tick? Bird of the Week

(Greater) SCAUP Aythya marila

Originally found riding the waves in the South Harbour about 5 days ago.

The Scaup moved a shore, then up the Walli Burn one evening after 2 days at sea.
Only to be refound in our Garden the next morning by Liz & Henry.
Soon making it's self at home in my back pond? "Crazy!"
The pond is chuck full of Henry's Tadpoles and is having a feast! Seeing how most of these tadpoles have failed to fully transform to frogs, plus I figure they wouldn't make it though the winter. So let the duck eat!

The small pond is made from an old fiberglass Satillitedish from the islands communications mast.

Bird of the Week Oct. 17th - 23rd - Scaup - Garden & Pond Tick
What a laugh! not your average garden bird?
It's been here for 3days and is still here...
The Obs couldn't resist the ringing tick yesterday, but it was not scared off?
Yes, a strange place for a sea duck? but the bird seems happy for now.

But what's Happening? about 2 weeks ago...
 I Had this young Eider Duck in my pond too?

last week's bird? may it rest in peace...
Bird of the Week - Oct.10th - 16th - Lanceolated Warbler

Other Birds About?

Boring Old Rosefinch
more this year than ever!
Not that many of any rarity... lots of Redwings & Fieldfare. a few Redpoll... Golden Eye uncommon on Fair Isle I found a female or juv. in the South Harbour yesterday evening. Henry & I also spotted a possible Pied Flycatcher on a distant cliff face but it was so windy and faraway to be 100% sure... a few Rosefinch are hanging around. plus some Hen Harriers hunting the Walli Burn. Plus one lonely Oystercatcher on the golf course with some Snow Buntings, Bramblings and a Chaffinch.

Jackdaws like these 2 are not seen on Fair Isle often but are common on mainland Britain.

the hole we live in...

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