Saturday, October 08, 2011

Lesser Scaup - Bird of the Week - Oct. 3rd - 9th


Resting place

North American - Lesser Scaup
first record for Fair Isle & a "Lifer" for me.
The Lesser Scaup was caught, ringed, weighed, and measured,
 identification confirmed by the Fair Isle Bird Observatory

Shetland Wildlife Tour Group
My guest at the Auld Haa Guesthouse for the past week. what a great bunch! cheers

Winter plumage Guillemot

Young Eider Duck - Garden Pond ticks front and back.

Hawfinch Feeding with the Starlings and House Sparrows...

Hawfinch & Chicken?

& in the window box feeder at sunset


  1. Beautiful how the in the second photo of the scaup, the contours of the wake echo the contours of the scaup's feathers.

  2. Very special to see a Hawfinch on the window!
    Congratulations fot your first record of the duck....
    Nice day.