Monday, October 24, 2011

Hudsonian Whimbrel - First for Britain! Fair Isle's New Arm Chair Tick.

Paul Baxter

Hudsonian Whimbrel, Fair Isle, near Mavers Geo, 31st August 2007
This is the bird I saw... photos by then Fair Islander Paul Baxter from his blog "Life after Fair Isle"
Paul wrote at the time... Never easy to photograph, I was fortunate to get these record shots. Doubtless this bird would have proved more popular had the Walney bird of earlier in the year proved less co-operative. Nevertheless, it has been successfully 'twitched' by six Shetland birders (so far). The third record for Shetland, following singles on Fair Isle in 1955 and Out Skerries in 1974.
Paul Baxter
note: no white on rump.
Paul Baxter
Britain's Frist Record of Hudsonian Whimbrel
Record on Fair Isle 27th - 31st May 1955
Found and Identified by  Valerie Thom & Ken Williamson
With the new split of the Whimbrel species Hudsonian Whimbrel - husonicus has been added to the official list of birds seen in Britain. Giving Fair Isle another First! What is know as an arm chair tick as the work or sighting was done awhile ago but now counts and is added to your list without getting out of you chair. Have a look at what was recorded in Ken's book... 
Ken Williamson's book published 1965

Hudsonian Whimbrel passage in his own words...

Fair Isle does it again long ago!

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