Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goldeneye! South Harbour - Fair Isle Tick

Goldeneye! record shot
Look what I found! A rare Fair Isle Goldeneye in the South Harbour walking home from the Kirki Geo Cemetery after Stewart's burial today. I had only once seen a Goldeneye on Fair Isle and only briefly as I had flushed one from the shore of the South Harbour last Autumn. Then the bird and or duck flew quickly out to sea? I wasn't even sure what it was at the time until I hear that someone had seen one later in the day. The Goldeneye's white wing and back patches noted in the Collin's guide seemed to match what I had seen earlier in the day. This time there is no doubt! I even got a record shot. Reconfirming my Island tick and self found to boot! No sign of the Bewick's Swans today or anything else of note. Once again this photo was taken on my pocket camera and reinforces my need for a better camera with a large lens or at least digiscope set up? I wouldn't mind an equipment sponsorship to my blog if anyone is interested? I have a sign as you enter my house " if you can't make do... Fair Isle is not for you." so you can expect to keep seeing bad photos of good birds until then. Cheers!

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  1. I think if everyone who had stayed at your B and B
    had put in some pennies - as a tip- you would have enough by now to have bought a decent camera set up!
    You need to put a collection something - like a large whiskey bottle - in your boot room - then peeps could put monies in or perhaps something that took fivers! (or more for the affluent!)
    It was only after I left the last time I even thought about that!
    You as a family are such great hosts we feel so at home we forget you actually do provide a service and what a brilliant service!

    Great spot today and appropriate for Stewarts memorial a good bird!