Friday, February 18, 2011

White Winged Gull

It can't be? it must be an albino?

Today's self found garden tick again... but today I got a photo I could zoom in on.
As seen from the Auld Haa - among Oystercatchers, a Hooded Crow and Fulmars
South Harbour cliff edge, Meoness

second winter?
There has been both Iceland and Glaucous Gulls around for weeks now. This one was so white!
The others I saw on Valentine's Day were creamed coffee color with modelling and or streaking.
It might be that this bird was just blown dry today?

I would gladly trade it for a Blue Tit? as this kind of stuff is getting to be the norm around here lately.


  1. Hey Tommy,
    I thought I commented on this when you posted this the other day! Obviously didn't work d'oh!

    Can't quite make out the eye clearly enough to do a ratio on this bird, but might be doing ratio of length to depth of the bill on some photos tomorrow so I'll let you know.

    Looks pretty good for a 2w Glaucous to me, large size, and bill with a defined black tip to it (think the pale tip might be unusual for a glauc I'll have to check) But other than that looks spot on for 2w Glauc and is probably the same bird that Del has got on his blog here here you can see how much bigger it is than the lbbg next to it, iceland or a leucistic herring would be similar in size to it.

    Keep up the good birding, nice to hear from the island over the winter and your photos are ace for the camera your using, keep up the good work dude!

  2. I was sure it was a 2nd winter Gloucous Gull it was so huge it was easily spotted from the window inside the house. But I'm sure someone could else could see it differently looking at one photo. if you look at the closest Oystercatcher or Hooded Crow for scale on the ones in the foreground you can see it's a monster!