Monday, February 21, 2011

Goose! Goose! Goose! White-Fronted - Greylag - Pink-Footed

White-Fronted - Greylag - Pink-Footed
 I got a call from Nick that a Greenland White-Fronted Goose was on the field below Springfield and Houll. When I got there I took these two photos below Quoy. I think this is just European White-Fronted Goose? it could be a 1st winter Greenland? The better marked Greenland White-Fronted was far a field in the middle of the crowd. There was no way to get close enough with my camera not to spook the closest ones then losing them all to flight. So I just left them, I had better views with my bins.

White among the Greys

This Whooper Swan seemed quite tame after last weeks Bewick's.

Whooper among the Shetland Kale at Aesterhoull

Wood Pigeon feeding under my bird feeder... That's two new bird for the year!

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