Wednesday, February 09, 2011

You, Your Hats, And The Photos I Have Stolen

I got this crazy E-mail today...
Wed, 9 February, 2011 14:58:18
You, Your Hats, And The Photos I Have Stolen

ODocker <>  
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Greetings from sunny California.
I and a few of my daft friends write blogs mostly about sailing, kayaking, and wind surfing.
In a turn of events that would take too long to explain, I have stolen a goodly portion of your photos and reposted them on my blog today. In fact, the whole post is mostly about you, your hats, and the appallingly pleasant place where you live.
The incriminating evidence is here:

I did this on the gamble that libel attorneys are relatively difficult to come by in your neck of the ocean.
But if you insist on litigation, let's get on with it.
And if you're thinking that this e-mail is probably just virus-laden spam and are thus unwilling to click on the link, I can understand. You could just google 'O Docker' and that will eventually get you to the same place, although you may have to weed through a lot of boring posts that are not about you.
Keep up the good hats.

- Mitch Toll
 (O Docker)

Quested Crab Hat and Friends 
It's OK, just follow the link it's very entertaining. Cheers Tommy

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  1. Thanks for posting my e-mail, I think.

    It has resulted in quite a bit of traffic to my blog from the UK, confirming, no doubt, the decision of those readers to remain in the UK.

    I'm not quite as daft as the e-mail makes me sound, but nearly so.