Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You have some Gull showing up like this!

A interesting Gull showed it's face in my Garden Today.

I got excited for a moment today when this Gull showed up...thinking at first it might be? a winter Franklin's Gull? or something like that? Sure there are plenty of Black Headed Gulls around but all the others are in winter plumage with mostly white heads. Also Black Headed Gulls have dark brown heads and this one looked dark grey/black? it even had a white tail in flight with no black? The Colins guide shows black on all BHG's shown in the book? Well it was anticlimactic, but I did a minute or two of  birdwatching excitement on a other wise grey rain day.

I guess I'm not the only one who can't wait for Spring. This gull is starting it's Summer plumage early?

All the other Black Headed Gulls around here look like this at the moment...
In the South Harbor with the other Black Headed Gulls.
I'm still learning... and Gull identifications are not easy for me.
If I have made a mistake and it could possibly be a rare Gull? please let me know. Cheers

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