Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring has Sprung? First Flowers of the Year!

The Crocuses are up! first sign of Spring.

Today was the first sunny day in over two weeks!

It was comparatively warm with a south western breeze. My early flowers have been waiting for a chance to bloom. As we found time to get outside for a walk. Henry even caught a frog in our back pond.

Mini Daffodil

I found a bit of shipwreck on the South Harbour Beach. The wood is mahogany and it is held together with copper rivets. It seems to have been from a small boat, maybe a yoal or skiff. Possibly a section of the bow as in this photo you see the inside port section sort of upside down?

Thomas "The Ministers Cat" now residing with us at the Auld Haa had a pleasant day outside even though you can't tell by that look on his face.

Oystercatchers & Turnstones - The Keels & The Skerry

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