Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Subalpine Warbler - Western - Male - Fair Isle

Western - Subalpine Warbler

Asst. Warden Jason Moss pulls a little magic out of the morning trap rounds.

Jason has seen a male Eastern Subalpine Warbler every day for over a month now...
This bird is not ringed? It's a new bird! and it's "Western" Yee Haw!
Must of flown in on the "red eye" last night.

Smile for the Birdy!
detail from photo above
Simply Stunning Bird! That eye ring is amazing!

When East meets West?
This male Western - Subalpine Warbler was ringged and released in the Obs Garden.
With the other male Eastern - Subalpine Warbler. What a photo opportunity that is...
Thanks for the show Jason. Cheers!


  1. Craky bird indeed

    However, what do you mean for Western bird, which is a very open and wide term ?

    To me, this bird is a very good candidate for Moltoni's Warbler, so more photos will be most welcome to the BBRC I think and to all of us


    Andrea Corso

  2. though Moltoni's W should be more rosy pink rather than salmon like this bird, my PC monitor is simply not enough good to judge...though wing moult and R6-R5 pattern is good for moltonii.... any call ?

    Andrea Corso