Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grey Headed Wagtail & Iceland Gull - record shots

note the grey on the back of the head?

Grey Headed Wagtail
 Subspecies Tick!
Cheers! found by Asst Warden Jason! I think? I'll find out for sure tomorrow...

This happens more than you would think... I'm cooking for guesthouse visitors and I get the call about a bird! I have one house rule no one gets upset if dinner is late if a raw bird has been found. It doesn't matter if they are a birders or not... Lucky for me I have a house full of birders today from the Shetland Wildlife Bird Tours and everyone was more than happy to eat after a good viewing. The bird was quite far away but I managed to put my little camera to someones scope and got these record shots.

What a good looking bird!
I know I wish I had better photos... but Wagtails are very flighty and we didn't want to risk flushing it.
We knew others would want to see it after dinner.

Also seen today again...
I love this shot! I wish it was sharp!

Iceland Gull & Herring Gull
They both look 2nd year birds?

 Birds of note in the garden today 2 Siskin male & Female.
a Blackcap male.

from my garden...
Iceland Gull, Kestrel and Canada Goose

Eastern Subalpine Warbler still on Isle and showing well!

2 Siskins on my home made niger seed feeder
We are bracing for the forecasted

It's nights like these in Spring and Autumn we dream of North American birds found the next day...
I'm predicting Vesper Sparrow? but everyone else wants an American Warbler, that's fine by me.

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