Thursday, May 26, 2011

Small World... Indiana University to Fair Isle - John Hartley & Me.

Small World... Big Surprise - John Hartley & Me.
Little did I know when the National Geographic cruise ship pasted the South Harbour this morning that I had any connection to any of it's 130 passengers other than most of them would likely be Americans. As it turns out... John Hartley was in Fair Isle's George Waterson Museum when he connects to my name on the wall showcasing my art and Lise Sinclair's poetry project. "I think I know that name" said John. After questioning Stuart attending to the museum, John was right! I was at the Hall selling Hats, Art & Postcards when this familiar looking guy walks up to me and says the dreaded words "Do you remember me?" I knew, I knew him but from where? As It turns out, John bought a wall sculpture from my Masters of Fine Arts thesis show in Bloomington, Indiana University in 1988! Now I didn't know John at the time, but when I heard someone wanted to buy my art I insisted on meeting him. I only met John once or twice? Amazing John's mind is still so shape! mine... so yikes!

National Geographic Cruise Ship passing my garden this morning.
 The work of art John bought was entitled "Tidepool" Very funky! painted with bright colours and glitter on 3D shapes. The main image featured a Starfish! Even then in the American Mid West I obviously yearned for the Sea. Coincidentally, earlier today I heard that this Starfish I found recently "tidepooling" with my son is a First Record for Fair Isle. It's the small things in life, Small world....

Small Banded Brittle Star Ophiactis balli.
First for Fair Isle researched by Island Naturalist Nick Riddiford.
Any time we see anything unusual we save it for Nick. cheers.
 John, nice meeting you again. Cheers!

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