Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What Ash Cloud?
The car covered with ash and salt...

Not another Volcano in Iceland? Volcano Vue... didn't this happen this same time last year? For her school project 8 year old Robin (and her father, Darren) just did a car wash fund raiser for the Tall Ships Event this summer. So almost everyone on Fair Isle just paid to have their car washed... Oh well. I need to clean every outside window on the house too. The good news is if the wind slows down we should get planes because the props planes are not effected and do not go up very high.

 But what about the Birds?
It's a "No Fly Zone" here on Fair Isle!
No new migrating birds in these conditions today.
Strong winds from the West and we can hope for an American bird if anything at all.
The sun came in and out of the rain but the wind hasn't eased much.
Here are a few interesting common birds I photographed today.
Between Winter & Summer plumage Black-Headed Gull

5 Wigeon & 2 Wheatear

Male & Female Wigeon

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