Monday, May 23, 2011

Icterine Warbler - weighed and measured

Icterine Warbler
Liz got a call at 8:00am (me just getting out of bed) they just caught a Icterine Warbler and are taking it back to the Obs for ringing! is shouted from the bottom of the stairs... I quickly gather my stuff and tear up the island like a rally driver.

The Asst. Warden and licensed ringer "Will" have you know... This is serious stuff! Bird Ringing.
 No one likes to hold on to a bird to long but the record shot for rare or uncommon birds is becoming just as importaint as weighing and measuring the bird. Plus, who doesn't love to see a bird up close!
Pointing to the pale edges forming a pale panel one of the clues to identifying "Ickey" in the field.

Though I see Icterine Warbler ever year in my garden, I have never seen one ringed and in hand.
So this was a real treat. Thanks Will.

The bird was let go happy and unharmed.

Also in the Obs Ringing Room this morning...

Spotted Flycatcher
if you don't already know it... here is a link to Fair Isle Bird Observatory and recent sightings, etc...

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