Friday, May 27, 2011

The Fair Isle Textile Workshop - Knitting and so much more with Kathy Coull

Natural Undyed Fair Isle Wool - Hand Spun - Hand Knit on Fair Isle 

The Fair Isle Textile Workshop

Display in the Fair Isle Hall on view for visitors.
Kathy's textiles looked so lovely today, she didn't mind that I took some photos to share with the world.

I have seen Kathy's Fair Isle Textile Workshop guests around the island and on her croft. Usually a half dozen women at a time who are a bit surprised when they often start by clipping their own sheep! There is a bit more to learn before they just start spinning, knitting and weaving but everyone really seems to love it.
They take away a lot more than just some knitwear but some insight into Fair Isle's fabric of life.

Hand Spun Shetland Lace  -   Hand Knit Natural Colour Fair Isle Knitwear  -  Hand Woven Wrap

The amount of time and labour in these 3 textiles seems just staggering to think of. Truly amazing!
Especially when the starting point is raising a lamb, it's over a year old before it's clipped for the first time.

Shetland Arts & Craft Trail - info:

Home Grown Fair Isle Wool from Fair Isle's (Shetland breed) sheep.

Demonstrating spinning technique next to the display.

The Fair Isle Textile Workshop is a Registered - Scottish Crofting Producer
If you Knit or are interested in Textiles you really should think about taking a workshop with Kathy! You will have to wait till next year though, as she is quite busy... where does she find the time? Cheers.

Here is a link to a BBC Radio story on Fair Isle Knitting

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  1. A great bit of well-earned publicity, Kathy!

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