Saturday, May 07, 2011

Wagtail in the shed... Grasshopper Warbler in the hedge!

Henry Came into the house holding this White Wagtail
The poor bird was trapped in the Shed / Garage frantically beating into and against the window.
I called to see if anyone wanted to ring it? but no one answered the phone...
So I snapped a few photos and we let it go.

ouch! that bird is feisty.

Portrait of the Young Wildlife Photographer.
The bird must of been exhausted and needed to rest before it flew away.

Henry's Photo - The poor thing had a tough day.

Grasshopper Warbler somewhere in this Hedge?
 Notoriously skulky not easy to photograph... I managed to get some record shots through the thickets.

Grasshopper Warbler

New Souvenirs
I made them for sale for the 2 cruise-ships that never came...

Fair Isle Painted Limpet Shells

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