Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hawfinch aka Auld Haa-finch in my garden today.

This morning I found this female Hawfinch in the back yard.

Hawfinch on my Tree with House Sparrow
 The bird enjoyed my garden all morning and early afternoon.

 The Hawfinch is not a garden or tree tick for me... but I have been thinking of adding pond ticks to my list and a Hawfinch taking a bath would have to be a highlight for sure.

Hawfinch in pond smelling Pansy after a bath.
 Jason & Angela had a Cuckoo this afternoon... All the other rare birds were up on the north cliffs late in the day... Icterine Warbler, Bluethroat & Rustic Bunting. Plus the Eastern Subalpine Warbler is still delighting visitors in the Obs plantation.

Henry found a Meadow Pipit's nest.

Check out this link to my wife's video about Fair Isle's Lise Sinclair's folk music project.
BBC Scotland online

Tonight we brace ourselves for the forecasted gale force 10 storm!


  1. A wonderful post Tommy - a lovely Hawfinch (I do like Hawfinches!) an interesting few birds the storm brewing - a nest with eggs.....and a delightful insight into FI culture!

  2. great shots

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