Sunday, May 15, 2011

Iceland Gull as rare a Linnet on Fair Isle?

Iceland Gull

I found a Iceland gull in the South Harbour this morning quite close to shore. Wow! it looked small, I got used to that Glaucous Gull that hung around for a few months this past winter. It soon took flight before I could turn on my camera and I was impressed with the white wings in the sunlight. It sat back on the sea farther out from shore for a while but the wind was blowing it back to shore so it took off after a few minutes. below is the gull as it flies away.

Love the white tips!

I relocated the Iceland Gull later sunning and napping among the other gulls.
I was happy that Carrie, Marilyn and some others all had "Lifers" upon their viewing.
I not sure... but, oddly enough this bird seems
just a rare as Iceland Gull on Fair Isle?

Linnet in my garden eating Dandelions Seed

other bits


Interesting Reed Bunting? on my tree!
Tree Tick!

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