Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rustic Bunting & Waders on Kirki Geo Beach

This is not a Rustic Bunting... It is not Rusty it is Purple?

Rustic Bunting
Rubbish Record Shot - taken from far away and severely cropped.

Found by David our new Warden in the Quoy crop.
Cheers! and Thanks for the call.

Holy Cow! Lots of waders down on the beach.
Waders on Kirki Geo Beach at High Tide.
Dunlin, Sanderling & Purple Sandpiper
 After a few hours working in the Studio...
I had a pleasant hour today sitting on the beach with the birds all around.
They seemed happy to come very close so I got some nice photos for a change.

Purple Sandpiper on a grey day  :)

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  1. Great species and images Tommy...especially the last photo of the Purple Sandpiper.!!