Sunday, April 10, 2011

16 Barn Swallow! must be spring?

16 Swallows came in off the Sea... & a Sand Martin
 The Reed Bunting was still in the garden this morn as well as a Dunnock. Later to be joined by a Female Siskin. 7 Godwits (Bar-Tailed) made a brief appearance on Meoness as viewed from my window... As I went out to take a photo a noisy car drove by and flushed them and I saw them fly out to Sea. I hope they turn around and land else where as they are stunning birds. Plus a few warblers and plenty of sun with no wind! T-Shirt weather!

I count 15 Swallows in this photo, but one could be the Sand Martin?

Sitting on the wire was the best way to count what I still call Barn Swallows but there was a few still in flight when I took this photo. They came into the South Harbour and up the Wali Burn and circled back to rest and reunite along the road between Utra and Lower Leogh.
Not everyone was as thrilled as I was to see them...

in the garden

Warblers! Chiffchaff? Willow?
I think one of each?

in the South Harbour...


Fair Isle Wren

Purple Sandpiper

Purple Sandpiper foot prints

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