Saturday, April 02, 2011

Large rock fall on cliffs near Easter Lother & Birds

photo by Pat Thomson

Fallen Rock  North Cliff Face

Rock fall near Easter Loder
 I had heard part of the north cliffs fell to the sea the other day... Kenny & Sue had been walking in the north when they saw a cloud of dust and the muddy sea below. The exposed red sandstone is striking in contrast to the grey grassy cliffs found elsewhere. You can see the pile of fresh stone has created a new beach for the seals. It is hard to get a good view from here of the fallen stones with out going over the cliffs yourself and I was on edge when it took these photos from near the North Lighthouse.

I think this photo gives a better sense of scale of the fall.
 We also saw our first Puffins of 2011 flying past the cliffs and out to sea in floating rafted groups.
Last year's fall of cliff face from the path out to the Fog Horn.
These idiots stood upon the unsupported concrete and tried to look to see where the rocks had fallen after reading the warning sign. If you must go out to the Fog Horn please, stay to the right side of the path.

Other Birds & Stuff Today..

Several Brambings & Chaffinch have been around the past few days and I saw that colour ringed Wheatear again today and quite a few Wagtails.

Preening Sanderling - 2nd Sanderling of 2011 - of course it puts it head down as I take the snapshot.
 My Bird of the Day & year tick, a Linnet! not very common here.

Tide-pool below the South Lighthouse.


A beautiful sunny day on Fair Isle. My son Henry ran around in his T-shirt... I wouldn't call it t-shirt weather quite yet.

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  1. Wow! That must have been amazing to see if you had been near!
    Glad I wasn't - I prefer to stay awayu from cliff edges!
    Sounds like you had a lovely day!