Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter & Ba Ba Baby Lambs!

This Lamb is only minutes old...

The mother cleans her twin Lambs with a few licks...
Happy Easter from Fair Isle!

Henry and his new Caddy Lamb
Henry has named her Ebba

Ebba is 3 days old today!  Liz & Henry have been taking good care of our new Caddy Lamb. A runt of triplets from a Skadan ewe. So small she keeps slipping through the fence and I had to put up chicken wire until it gets bigger. Taken to the bottle well Ebba is doing great. We hope to get another lamb soon to keep her company. until then...

                                                                                             Henry & Ebba watching TV on the sofa.

Happy Easter from Tommy, Liz & Henry


  1. Hello
    You live in paradise !!!! I looove sheeps!
    Love your blog
    Bye from France

  2. thanks for our wonderful easter greeting!! we all (David, allie and i) looked at your pics while sitting on our couch in greenfield Center...we still want to visit you all and so i hope you stay there for a long time...

  3. Happy Easter to you Tommy. Liz and Henry. The lamb looks cool!
    Really feeling upset that I wont see you guys this year!2 weeks on Shetland Mainland plus Islands but no Fair Isle!There was a logic to it! but regret now!
    Still maybe next year!
    Have a cool Easter!

  4. A beautiful post for Easter.
    Your images are lovely

  5. they are some cute pic i love them