Friday, April 15, 2011

Birds for the past few days & a few new Lambs.

Funny Fluffy Siskin - male

Happy Apple Eating Blackcap - female - first of the year for me.

Twite close

Fair Isle Wren

Siskin at the feeder

The Auld Haa Sighting Stone
This is where I list the interesting or migrant birds seen in or from the garden for passing visitors.
With my binoculars standing in my garden I could see Puffins flying by out to sea today.

Snow Bunting
Willow Warbler

That's a big white dove?
Glaucous Gull & Rock Doves

The Glaucous Gull is the rarest species I've seen in the last few days... but White Winged Gulls have been around for months, I was much more excited to have my garden buzzin' with the returning Blackcap, Chiffchaff & Willow Warblers today.

Everywhere Ewe look... awe... so cute!

Snow Bunting in what is left of the sheep's feed.

Art Shot - Female Siskin at the feeder. 

Donnock aka Hedge Sparrow
Fair Isle sees a few passing through ever spring and Autumn not as common here as in the rest of Britain.

Twite on a twig.

Black Sheep - Black Lambs
House Sparrow

Jimmy's Monster New Born Lamb 17.16 pounds
that's a big baby!

Brambling - male

Snow Bunting
Twite in the garden as the Skerries get a good washin'