Friday, April 01, 2011

The New Fair Isle Sea Bird Center - Unveiled today

Architectural Rendering
 The much rumoured plans for the development of The New Fair Isle Sea Bird Center have been made public today. The structure to be built along the northwest cliffs will be able to accommodate over 500 guest and has apartments for 20 new resident families and staff of 85. The project boasts you will be living with the Puffins and have access to under water viewing rooms. Plus the added bonus of comfortably scouring the cliffs for rarities during migration. Please follow link below for more info...

Colonization of the Puffin Colonies?

I think the whole thing is a joke... the first gale the whole thing will be blown away!

I saw that drawing in a collection of visions of the future painted about 1950 and thought it looked like Fair Isle to my horror! I hope you have a sense a humour when it comes to birds... so I'll say it again...

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