Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Redpole and Garden Jedi Battle... plus the big one on the beach!

Redpole & Twite

Look what showed up today among the Twite today... It's like a rebellious Twite teen with punk hair.

The wind really blows my feeder around and it is amazing they can hang on. The wind turns the feeder into a seed shaker, sprinkling seeds on the ground where most of the birds feed. It took a few hours before the Redpole was up there with the best of them. My seed was almost gone and I wanted the Redpole to feed up before leaving so I cleaned and filled my other feeder.

The Young Jedi battle raged much of the day with occasional breaks to play Lego and watch Star Wars films. The birds waited near by waiting for a chance at the seed and feeder. Even with the distraction the birds had no apprehensions about the new feeder.

 Redpole & Twite

I got a better photo of the Colour Ringed Twite that was still here. Still don't know where it came from?

in the South Harbour?  
Eider Ducks

 The Big Bill on the Beach!
Oystercatchers... the one on the far right has a unusually large bill with a yellow tip?
I live in hope to find an American Oystercatcher. I don't think this was it.

is anyone missing a shoe?  I found it?

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