Sunday, April 24, 2011

Subalpine Warbler - Fair Isle - record shot

Subalpine Warbler
 Neil at Lower Stoneybrek called me to say that Jason the new Asst. Warden found a probable Subalpine Warbler in his garden. Henry and I drove over to have a look... The bird proved hard to find but was eventually refound and confirmed at Vaila's Trees next to the shop. Well spotted Jason! Sculky little flitty bird but very pretty if you could get a quick look. I was luck to get this record shot with my pocket camera as it hopped on to a old glass door leaning against the stone dike.

Full frame photo

 Also today this Rook... For Fair Isle sightings it's bizarrely almost as rare as the Subalpine Warbler

Today is Easter and the garden was still full of the same bird from the past few days birds 2 Redpoll, 5 Brambling, 3Chaffinch, Willow, Chiffy & Blackcap Male & Female, Wheatears, Collard Dove, 2 pale Black-Tail Godwits, etc. Check the past few days posts if you want photos.

This evening the South Harbour Beach was buzzing with warblers but none quite as rare as a Subalpine.

New Photos Added May 1st 2011
Male Subalpine Warbler - Eastern Race

Photos have been greatly inlarged sorry for the poor quality of these record shots of an AWESOME bird!

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