Wednesday, April 06, 2011

HM Coastguard Helicopter - South Lighthouse - Fair Isle

HM Coastguard Helicopter & the South Lighthouse landing pad.

Female Siskin
 This Siskin was the only new thing in my garden today and I wasn't even going to post on the blog today because it was so grey and wet out... But it seems something interesting is always happening here on Fair Isle. Then again, I'm easily amused... like all it take is a little bird or a big whirly bird in this case.

A little helicopter landing on the wing of a plane?

I just happened to be at the airport to pick up a package from the plane when the HM Coastguard helicopter came in just behind it to drop of a staff member for a meeting with the Fair Isle Coast Guard cliff rescue team leader.

HM Coastguard landing at the South Lighthouse
 During the day the grey sky fell to a miserable wet low fog... visibility at the higher airport was very poor so  they used the lower landing pad at the South Lighthouse. By coincidence Henry & I happened to be in my Lighthouse art studio carving a cuttlefish bone into a Mermaid and heard the booming noise of the Helicopter long before it landed. This giving me time to put my coat on and grab my camera in time to take this photo as it was landing to pick up their Coast Guard member.

I could hear it for some time but it was quickly obscured by the fog... Good Bye!

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